Thursday, January 27, 2011

In my Moleskine

Typically, my style is very abstract. For me though, this exchange is about trying new things. While I'm sure a lot of my stuff will fall into the abstract category, I'd like to continue pushing myself into drawing more realistic things. Maybe even a person or a self portrait at some point! I've always considered myself terrible at drawing people! I need to get over that!
My first piece is a two page spread that started out as something, and turned into something else. I'm pretty happy with the final result though. This was done in colored pencils, a blue Staedtler fineliner pen, and then I went over the whole piece with fluid acrylic paint in a transparent metallic blue color. I like the effect that I got with the acrylic paint. It's difficult to see how it really looks from the photos though.

Here's my second piece. I really like Koi, and I think they're beautiful fish! I believe they're also supposed to be good luck? :) This is probably my first attempt ever at drawing fish. They may be cartoon-like, but I still like them. I did this with colored pencils also.

I still have 1 page left plus my collab page before I'm ready to ship to Mary, but I plan to get started on those this weekend!


mollypeck said...

I love the iridescence of the two-page spread! It's pulsing!

roma said...

Gorgeous, Gretchen! The colored pencil work lends itself to such detail and vibrancy both. I don't think the koi fish look cartoonish at all.

I'm at the same place you are--one more page plus collaboration to go. Also, I think Mary mentioned, which reminded me, items for the pockets. Cool. I'm excited to send them out.

henniemavis said...

Both are lovely! I know what you mean about the metallic paint not photographing well. I have that problem with glitter, nail polish & other bling I add to my art. It barely shows up in a photo :-(

Re: the koi, cartoonish or not, what does it matter, you're trying new things :-) "Cartoon-like" art is no less credible an expressive style that any other artistic form, right? All the moreso, I'd say! Most excellent fish you've got there.

This comment brought to you by Other Artists Prone to a Cartoon Style. ;-)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Wow! These are really cool! These are designs with both Bstract and realistic qualities.

I've had the same problems photographing iridescent or metallic paints. Even regular paints don't always show up right--often they look more contrasty than they should.

I love the style of the fish.

Being a new grandmother, I am always considering art now as possible children's art, which I think is wonderful.

ballookey said...

Wow, I love that iridescent sheen too- the two page spread looks great!

And the koi are cool too- I agree with Heidi. Cartoonish is absolutely a valid art form, just think of all that awesome anime art.

I'm so glad you joined!

roma said...

""Cartoon-like" art is no less credible an expressive style that any other artistic form, right?"

Excellent point, Heidi!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

YAY! Excellent point!

Something Different said...

Yay Gretchen! I love your style and I am in the same boat as you with being naturally drawn to create abstract work. You will find this group is very supportive.