Thursday, January 13, 2011

Biffybeans: New to The Exchange.


Hi everyone - I'm a new kid on the block.

I write, (blogs & books) make art, (mixed media) teach workshops, (mandalas for personal growth) and play music. (Hand percussion & shekere)

I've made quite a few pieces of mandala art over the last 4 years.1500ish? (Yes... Obsessive, yeah...I know.) Have used many different kinds of media & have been known to mix a few together. Maybe I will put a few mandalas in your books...  We'll see. ;o)

Many of you know me from my blog, Spiritual Evolution of the Bean where I share my art, do lots of product reviews, (writing & art supplies) and talk about life, the universe & everything.

I also write the Rhodia Drive blog for Exaclair,
have a new Etsy Shop(original art)
have a channel on YouYube,
a fan page on Facebook,
loads of pictures on Flickr,
send out the occasional Tweet,
and sell my art prints on Imagekind.

Happy to be a part of this project! 

Virginia 035


Aya Rosen said...

Welcome! Welcome! It's lots of fun.
I like the image you posted, those colors are everything NYC ISN'T today...

roma said...

Such a wonderful iconic symbol, the mandala. Looking forward to receiving their healing energy. Salud.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Welcome! I'm excited to have you in the group and look forward to seeing more of your work. I love mandalas and hope you'll do one in my book. YAY!!

Something Different said...

Welcome Biffybeans! I am also quite excited to have you in the group. I have followed you on Flickr for quite some time. I would love to take one of your workshops *sigh* if only geography and money were no issue. ;)

henniemavis said...

Welcome, indeed! Your work makes me wish I was in Round 3 after all. Oops, at least I can still watch online. Thank you in advance for posting!