Monday, July 11, 2011

Andrea's Mole comes to visit Mary via Gretchen, Roma and Mike

YAY! I have a moley again--it just arrived a little while ago!!! What a wonderful treat to see all the glorious artwork IN PERSON--it's so beautiful in the flesh--or--in the paper and ink etc. I'm afraid my photos do not do it justice!!!!

I couldn't take it outside to photograph as I often do--because it is POURING RAIN!!!

Speaking of rain, we are STILL digging out from the mess created by two floods, but we are slowly regaining some portion of normality. Still, I may need a full month to complete the moley.

You can click on this image to see it bigger. I did not choose what pictures went where, it was done randomly by Picasa. If I have time, I may post more because there was so much to enjoy. One that is not well-represented in this collage is Roma's Vietnam post, which was wonderful. I was trying to get the words so they could be read, but it didn't work out. Go here to revisit.


roma said...

Mary, if only some of that rain would come our way and our drought yours! At least we are finally beginning to see our so-called monsoon season. Temps dropping a bit, thank goodness.

Good luck with getting back to normal over there.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks, Roma, at least most of what have now to do can be done at a somewhat slower pace than the frenzy of work we faced at first.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I hope you get the rain you need! :-D

Moleskine Exchange said...

Wow, thanks for the glimpse Mary.

Yes, please take your full month. Glad things are getting back to normal a bit more. Keep working on things Mary, and you'll get there.