Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mary's book pages 1 (with Ellen) and 2

New York is going through it's biggest heatwave since 1936 and I'm trying to keep cool by keeping with Ellen's marine theme, and one of my favorite Beatles songs.

Last week, after our big PA trip, I've tried to get back to life and sanity and started going out to draw in cafes again and spend a couple of hours everyday without Ned and the dogs. Since Nutmeg still have serious separation anxiety we try not to leave her alone at all, and so those 2 hours were the only non-dog hours I had this week.



Ellen said...

I think we "collaborate" well Aya! I am so in LOVE with your work! Thankfully I am sending to you...I could never follow you and do your work justice!!

merrytait said...

These are so wonderful and I am so glad they are in MY BOOK! Thank you. Great colors and details! :-D