Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wind, Souffle, Two in Andrea's

Wind, Souffle. Click images to view larger. The first one is done in nail polish and Sakura Permopaque pigment markers, the second in Sakura Souffle pens. The souffle one was done from life with BB(K) sitting across the table from me at dinner.

Oops, I accidentally did an extra picture in Andrea's mole--by accident--I got confused. I had new pens and wanted to try them, but forgot I had only the collabs left to do--usually I do those FIRST, but I had something special planned for one of them. I think there are enough pages. Unfortunately, don't really like the effect accomplished by the souffle pens--it's very weird. I used only the 9 colors provided (with the except of a few extras in the curtain, plus a little colored pencil). I should always do the testing in one of my own moles first. AK!

We are leaving for a camping trip and I am undecided whether to take the Mole, as of yet incomplete, with me. There is always a danger camping of getting wet or dirty.

If I decide not to take it, I will not be able to work on it, obviously, and finish it, until I return after August 7. I will probably NOT be able to get online until I return, most campgrounds we visit do not provide internet access and I do not have 3G or a smart phone.


Something Different said...

Hey an extra page for me, yay!

Enjoy your camping trip Mary.

ballookey said...

Very cool - I don't think the souffle pens turned out bad. In fact, it's making me want to try a piece limiting myself to pastel colors only and see what happens.

Something Different said...

I love those bright colors! Of course, you probably guessed I would.

merrytait said...

Thank you Andrea and Ballookey! I hope you are reasonably satisfied with your pieces, or my pieces in your book, Andrea. I always want to make people happy, but what I make is what I make!!

I guess I do sort of like the soufflé pens now, but they are kind of limited. Limited color selections, but pretty and textural.