Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Round-Ash Edwards

Hey all,

Here are the first few pages of my mole. Look out Heidi, here it comes! Just a heads up, Canada Post is sometimes slow so please give me a shout when you get it. The dog sled teams can only run so fast :)

Page 1

Page 2 & 3- Spread (will need to click on it to de-tiny-ify it)

Page 4

Page 5 - Colabo (I call it Octopie, have fun Heidi!)


ballookey said...

I love these illustrations! The dog is wonderful.

milo said...

Hooray, that dog is fantastic...all the pieces are actually... well done!

henniemavis said...

Yippee, next book on its way :-)

Ash, I tried to click-enlarge your posts, but they wouldn't work for me? Luckily, I will see them in person very soon... by Canada post standards, anyway. Can't wait!

I wish it would rain squirrels here. (I love that one.)

henniemavis said...

Oh wait, are they cats? The tails said squirrel to me at first... but the paws are now saying cat... wish I could enlarge. I may have just put my foot in it?

In either case, I still LOVE that drawing best :-)

steve said...

Haha! Lookin' great Ash!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

it wouldn't de-tinify for me either.

I LOVE the dog and the raining squirrels and it all looks like great fun. Wonderfully done.

ash said...

Thanks all!

Strange they won't enlarge. Here's a link to my flickr where you can see the larger sizes