Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ander's Book

I am fascinated with cultural art. This salmon has an Eskimo flair. I actually sponged AND stippled this!

A fall pen and ink is the first of full my art addition.

This crayfish took longer than I thought.
This is the collaborative piece...still working on this.


Ellen said...

OK...still a few questions.
#1) Do we complete the 1/2 page from the previous artist? Or do we leave that for the owner of the book?
#2) We do 1/2 page collaboration...4 pieces and another 1/2 page, right?
#3) We don't have to do both left and right sides of the book...unless our creative muse suggests so. Right?
Sorry to be a numbskull...I think I have it but started second guessing myself.
BTW I like this group alot...funny and friendly!

ballookey said...

1) We finish the 1/2 page left over from the previous artist, not the owner of the book.
2) Yes. Do four unique pages, complete the collaboration from the previous artist, and start a collaboration with the next artist.
3) Well, the watercolor books only have 30 leaves for a total of 60 pages counting both sides of each leaf. So in those books, we have to use both sides of the page for their to be enough.

However, these are just the basic guidelines. Check the book for personalized instructions.

ballookey said...

Oh, and I like that crayfish - love the stipple technique on that! ^_^

henniemavis said...

Wow! You've been busy! Nice work.

I commented on the fronts & backs issue on my recent post, too. The watercolor Moles require use of both sides, in order for all artists to get their share of pages... so DO count each side as a page. And don't forget the pocket insertion!

I like this group, too. Ask Andrea, I badgered her for months to get in...

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Very cool pix. I love the eskimo fish and the crayfish and the linework in the flowers etc.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

That collaborative piece looks like great fun! :-D

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

The only collaborative piece left for the owner of the book will be the last person before the return.

Ellen said...

Thanks guys. I think I have it now. I am sorry I skipped pages in Ander's book, I did a page...then the front of the next and not the back. Sorry. The rest I thought I had ok.
Will get it right the next time!
This is soooooo much fun!

Mike Kline said...

I love your style - I too love cultural.

Andrea said...

Yeah, we just missed including Ellen in the first round. We are THRILLED to have you in this round! It is shaping up to be a really fun year!