Saturday, May 17, 2008

Back in the saddle again (Michelle's fine mole saddle)

Hey Michelle, I got your Mole today! YAY! It arrived between our
front doors just as I was leaving to take my son to his piano lesson.

I examined it in great detail in the car on the way to the lesson,
exclaiming to BB over the various pieces and wondering aloud what the
smooth shiny surface was. (What is it that you coated them with?) BB
says to tell you he loves the flying squirrel and the firely, tee hee
(and all of them.) ME TOO! I like the upside down one too! He he.
And I know what you mean wbaout that yellow paper!

I was planning on doing smudge painting during the lesson, but the
computer had a hissy fit, so I drew my husband in your mole as he was
raptly listening to our son have his lesson. (Good thing I had your
mole with me or I would have been horribly frustrated!) (The top one
is photographed with a camera along with a few copies I made and the
bottom one is scanned. Then, while I was downloading the pix, I
started another one because the pix were taking so long to downlaod.
I am attempting to water paint (water and gouache--how do you say that
word anyway?) --Chinese brush painting, actually--but the paint is
taking forever to dry. So who knows when I can finish it.

BUT YAY! Your mole has arrived safely with all its little moles safe
and happy inside and my moles are having a little party with them.
FUN! Thank you for the priviledge of intimately experiencing your
work! WAHOO!


Michelle White said...

yah!! i'm so excited and love the work you've added so far! hooray...

i'm still waiting on the mole to arrive on this end.... ..... ..... tap tap tap ;)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...