Monday, May 19, 2008

Round 2: moles 7 & 8: the meadow (Risk and the dangers of Risk taking)

I guess danger is already inherent in the word risk. If you take a
risk, there is the danger of failure.

I had what I thought was a fun idea, but it didn't work well. I
layered layers of drafting fillm with illos on it one over the other
in an effort to create a meadow effect with insects, snakes, snails,
fairies. But I wasn't happy with it so I created these doors, not to
reveal but to conceal.


ian russell said...

you are speaking my language, Mary! I try to see mistakes not as failures but useful lessons, but it is hard. these look okay on the blog but if you're not happy, well you're the boss. :o)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

It's sort of FUN, but a little messy! Thanks, Ian! LOL!

I guess I'm OK with it, but I always wish for something sort of "grand," LOL! Which is silly, of course, since I am just learning! :-D