Monday, May 5, 2008

mole #6

Good thing this is a SKETCHbook--it says so right on it.

I took my first ever-water media as an adult just recently (I really
am a beginner!) and the teacher was always saying, "You can't hit a
home run every time," That's the scary part about a moleskine! AK!

This sketch of tulips is done in pencil, water color pencil and water
colors in my moleskin sketchbook. I wanted to just try water colors
but was afraid it might wreck the paper. I have a moleskin water
color sketchbook, so I prolly should try that. Then paste it in?


Michelle White said...

lovely flowers... great use of space

Andrea said...

I am in love with tupis right now! I agree with Michelle, great use of the page.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks! I wasn't overjoyed with it. But the one I did today I like even less--WAHN!

Well, I'll talk about that one later, when I have time to attempt to scan it.