Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Update

Hello everyone and Happy Friday!

Great starts and dialogs are already happening! I am so excited you are all taking part in this little adventure! I love that folks are already posting drawings! I am sending a thank you gift to all of you, a little something from me to you. Watch your mail in the next week or two.

Unfortunately, Jeannette is not going to be able to join us, so we are down to 12. This means if you want to, you can draw up to 8 pages in each book. We agreed upon 7 though, so I don't want 8 to freak anyone out. Just do what you can and enjoy the process!

Check your email later today for addresses of everyone involved. You will mail to the same person each time, but I wanted you to have all addresses in case you needed or wanted them.

I will mail to Steve, Steve mail to Ammon, Ammon mail to Willie, Willie mail to Mike, Mike mail to John, John mail to Hannah, Hannah mail to Alan, Alan mail to Ian, Ian mail to Michelle, Michelle mail to Mary, Mary mail to Jessie and Jessie mail to me!

Sorry I was absent for a couple of days I went to SF to see The Breeders. It was a great show! I did however get my car window broken out near Slim's, guess what they took out of my car? My IPOD cord and my most current sketchbook. I am super bummed out. It is the first sketchbook I have ever "lost". I feel like a part of my self is missing. I am more bummed about the sketchbook than my window. Crazy, right? Have any of you lost almost full sketchbooks?


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I never lost a full or nearly full sketchbook, but I did have something similar and devastating happen to me.

I bought a small computer called a Psion. It fits in your pocket, but it's a real computer. It cost $500.

I wrote poetry in it and worked on a novel. I worked on it for a year then took 3 weeks vacation and went to Michigan and sat on the beach and worked on my novel. For three solid weeks.

It was almost done.

The day I got home, it was stolen, before I had downloaded anything.

All my poetry, my novel, my databases, my phenology etc was gone, as well as the $500 computer.

It was stolen from a locked room at work, which means one of my coworkers stole it.

I still have fantasies about getting it back. But that's all they are fantasies at this point.

My deepest sympathies to you! WAHN!

Jess said...


That's just ridiculous. Like it has any resale value in the way that portable electronics or stereo equipment does.

Maybe they were curious...

Maybe they will be so intrigued by your sketchbook that they will take up art and give up a life of crime and then go speak to children at schools about how awesome art is and how lame stealing is...

Or maybe they took it so they could have something cool to look at while they were high.


Hey, maybe you could keep an eye on craigslist or something, for a "discarded sketchbook" or the like...?

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

was it in a bag or anything? Did they know what it was when they took it?

One time someone stole a bag out of my car that had TOFU in it--a whole big bag full of tofu I had just purchased. They broke the window and took it--but prolly dumped it in the first garbage can they came to once they saw what it was.

If your name was in it, maybe it will return to you? That would be great. Whose the patron saint of lost and stolen things? Maybe we can each make him a gift.

ian russell said...

I suppose you wouldn't know whose sketchbook it was - I mean, Picasso used moleskines, I think. Lots of big names use them, that's why they're so big. Imagine how much Picasso's moleskine would be worth! It's a bummer though isn't it, the swines!

I never had a sketchbook stolen but all my childhood art went missing - I suspect my mum, she was just too house-proud, always throwing things out. I won first prize in a county competition when I was eight or nine - a watercolour of a cuckoo fledgling. Gone. All my art up to the age of 13, when I stopped doing art completely, disappeared. (Oops, I'm telling you my life story now!) I'm curious to know what they looked like... LOL.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

You can tell us your life story--how sad that your early art is gone. I have a little of mine, but I didn't win any prizes!

Sad about that stolen sketchbook--meanies! And sad about the missing art.

steve said...

Oh man, sorry about the news Andrea--that truly sucks. Still, glad you got to see the show (The Breeders are reunited? Did they ever break up?)! I've got one sketchbook in London (i think) right now, and I'm a little bit afraid of losing that one (it's at a book fair). I hate the thought of such a thing happening. in the meantime, THANK YOU Andrea, for organizing this and getting the ball rolling. It's a very exciting group of artists here--such fine individuals all participating for one good cause. :)

As for the number of pages, I'm sticking with seven, only because I'm currently doing two-page spreads with a theme of sorts (will post 'em here this week), and I'd like to see if Ammon would like to continue that in some way (or not). Either way, it would be cool I think.

Andrea said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts everyone. I did put a listing up on craigslist, but no hits yet. I need to just move on. Unfortunately my name was not in it.

I did a couple pages this weekend, I hope to post those tomorrow!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...



We'll be looking forward to your posts! :-D

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I have a question for Andrea--can you use markers on a mole or do they bleed through? (I wanted to try but was afraid they'd bleed through.)

Andrea said...

If you use something like a Sharpie you will get some bleed through. I did that on one of my pages already. :(

I just factored the bleed into the next pages drawing though.

I mean whattyagonnado? :)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

LOL! Good plan.

I guess I won't use sharpies then, because it might bleed through onto someone else's page or ruin something I've already done.